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For everyone who’s known the emotional loss and the surprising beauty of being fully who you are…

‘Writing in a style reminiscent of Frank McCourt, Wisniewski conjures the ghosts of a troubled and emotionally fraught childhood throughout the majority of her memoir so that she can exorcise them in the final chapters… Expertly balancing pathos and triumph, Wisniewski …gathers strength from her setbacks and finds a renewed sense of purpose with every curve life sends her way.’ —Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews

“…highly recommended for community library memoir collections.” – Midwest Book Review

“This memoir has an intrinsic pattern of quiet reflection. it connects you to the real lived experience of a child growing up with parents who like the rest of us are flawed. Having read many memoirs I appraise the literary work by its ability to draw me into the story and reveal an essential truth about life’s journey. Ms. Wisniewski’s writing style situating her life in the Polish and religious culture of her time is well worth the read.” – Amazon review, 5/2021


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