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Things Off Kilter

The first known use of “off kilter,” says merriam-webster.com, was in 1944, just two years before I was born, to describe the state of furniture and other structures. The definition is “not in perfect balance. A bit askew.” Synonyms are bizarre, eccentric, unconventional, far-out, and kooky (also kookie) as well as the British “rum.” As in, she’s a bit rum. I kind of like that. It accurately describes my life and my personality. You see, if you are off kilter, you don’t have to pay much attention to the norm. Us off kilter folks, we can pretty much do what we like, as long as nobody gets hurt. And really, whose life is ever “in perfect balance?”

Off Kilter is also the name of a 5-man Celtic rock band formed in 1997. These guys have performed at the Canadian Pavilion of the Epcot Center in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida ever since. They hail from Kentucky,Florida, Ireland and Puerto Rico – how off kilter is that? And one of them has a Polish surname: Scott Zymowski! That was enough to pique my interest, to be sure. Next up: a trip to Epcot?

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