On Balance Again!

The Epley Maneuver works! For me, anyway. My physical therapist repositioned the little rocks in my head, called otoconia, by taking me through a series of head turning positions. The first time made me very dizzy for about 15 seconds, then…I was cured!

I have more exercises to improve my sense of balance, but I am happy to be able to drive, walk and return to normal life!

This week I drove to a few local bookstores to promote my memoir, Off Kilter. It’s hard work but fun meeting the owners of these independent stores.

And, I worked on my novel about a Polish ancestor from the 18th century….

2 thoughts on “On Balance Again!

  1. I get tremendous vertigo, and have seen doctors and taken medication (cortisone, antibiotics, vertigo pills–can’t remember what they’re called), but no one has ever suggested a physical therapist!In credible. Next time, the vertigo hits me, I’ll ask my doctor for a physical therapist.By the way, the first time I got vertigo, I was driving across Pennsylvania–on a long long bridge between two mountains!


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