Off Balance

Is this ironic? My memoir is called Off Kilter and this past week I have been struggling with Benign Positional Vertigo, which means I am well and truly off kilter! Last Tuesday, as I was reaching for the granola in my cupboard, the whole kitchen started spinning. I clung to the wall and hollered for my husband who escorted me to a chair.

Since then, I’ve learned this is sometimes called “upper shelf syndrome.” I can see why! I’ve been prescribed meclizine and rest. I’ve read two novels and am in the middle of a third. (Suite Francaise) Bored and frustrated with my inability to do yoga, I surfed the net and found some exercises that make me dizzy but may be helping. Today I walked down the driveway to the mailbox without falling. Tomorrow I see a PT.

Once again, I am reminded to: be mindful! How else do you walk when moving your head makes you dizzy? One step at a time, focus on a spot that doesn’t move, and breathe. Thank you, yoga teachers. Namaste.

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